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Register with Department of Business Development (“DBD”) in Thailand

The Department of Business Development (DBD), part of Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce, oversees the registration and documentation of businesses in the country. The DBD Data Warehouse is an online platform offering detailed information on Thai legal entities.

The registration businesses are the following;

Type of Business

  • Private limited company (Small / Medium Businesses)
  • Public limited company (Larger Businesses)
  • Partnership
  • Branch
  • Representative office

   Local Private company

  • 51% of the company shares must be held by a Thai National

•  No Limit capital.

•  Legal office address in Thailand

•  No resident director is required

•  Require 2 Promoters/ 2 Shareholders and at least 1 Director

•  Minimum par value of share is THB 5 /shares

•  To appoint foreign workers, 4 is to 1 ratio is applied.

   Foreign Owned Company 100%

  • Discussion with Ministry of Commerce, Foreign Business Department of Development must take place first
  • Must submit planned business activity together to seek preliminary guideline from DBD
  • If the company will do 100% export, it is 100% Foreign Owned Company

• Capital must be at least 2,000,000 Baht.

   Branch Offices (FBL)

•   Extension of its foreign-held company limited, must keep the same shareholders from those of foreign-held company limited

•   can operate business activity and earn an income

•   must have one Director to look after the management and day-to-day office

•   Limited to 21 Activities in general if approved by the Director General of DBD and its committee

  Representative Office / Regional Office

•  “Non-trading” Activities

•  Purpose is collecting research data and doing marketing and promotion

•  Not allowed to earn a revenue, and all expenses must be covered by cash remitted from oversea

  Amity Treaty Company

•  Provide significant advantages for U.S. corporate and individual investors to run businesses in Thailand

•  51% of the company shares must be held by a US citizens

•  Require 2 Promoters/ 2 Shareholders and at least 1 Director (50% of the director must be US director)


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