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Register with Department of Business Development (“DBD”) in Thailand

Companies that are promoted by Thailand’s Board of Investment can have the majority or 100% foreign ownership, depending on the industry and the specific incentives granted by the BOI. This includes a 100% foreign-owned company operating in Thailand whilst having several advantages such as tax reductions, as well as not capital and staff limited number of work permits for foreign staff. The BOI can help you operate in more specific sectors while providing certain benefits that Thai companies provide

 The list of business activities that are eligible for a promotion from the BOI:

  • Agriculture and agricultural products
  • Mineral, ceramics, and basic metals
  • Light industry
  • Metal products, machinery, and transport equipment
  • Electronics and electrical appliances industry
  • Chemicals, paper, and plastics
  • Services and public utilities

Unlike the Thai-majority companies, the registration process can take 2-3 months or even longer. You’ll need a detailed business plan and the approval is subject to the BOI’s decision.


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